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Meet the films through the bodies
Desire to reveal the mechanism of the movement of our body was one of the triggers for the birth of films. Films are inspired by our body. What did radical filmmakers depict through their works? Audience may witness something primitive of what films are. Don’t miss these great screenings including the legendary masterpiece of art video.
“GOSHOGAOKA” by Sharon Lockhart Camera: Tatsuo SUZUKI Choreography: Stephen GALLOWAY
16mm/1997/63 min./Japanese (USA, Japan)

“GOSHOGAOKA” is created in 1997 by Sharlon LOCKHART, established unique presence in the field of fine arts with her cross-cutting works of static arts and films: photographs and video works. In front of the drape in the gymnasium of Junior High School in suburban Japan, the choreographed exercise of a girls’ basketball team becomes routine and ritual. A photograph of this scene gives us “dynamic” impact, but on the other hand, the scene filmed by a fixed camera is very much “static”. Carefully filmed the girls’ choreographed movement, this film can recognized as a portrait of our society.

“Five Easy Pieces” by Yvonne RAINER
1966-69/48min. (USA)

“Five Easy Pieces” is a collection of 5 short movies created from 1966 to 1969 by Yvonne RAINER, a highly respected choreographer/dancer in postmodern dance. Her conceptual films are highly regarded as one of the best structural films in North America of the time.

“Hand Movie”
8mm (Digital)/1966/5min.

“Volley Ball”
16mm (Digital)/1967/10min.

“Rhode Island Red”
16mm (Digital)/1968/10min.

“Trio Film”
16mm (Digital)/1968/13min.
with Steve PAXTON and Becky ARNOLD Camera: Phil NIBLOCK

16mm (Digital)/1969/10min.
with Suzan Marshall Camera: Phil NIBLOCK

“La Region Centrale” by Michael SNOW
16mm/1971/180min. (Canada)

Michael SNOW is a musician, artist and filmmaker. Collaborated with a technician, he developed a robotic arm moving a camera freely both vertically and horizontally. “La Region Centrale” is the one he filmed with it. The camera attached to the arm films uninhabited wilderness from all the directions. This program doesn’t need human intervention and it enable the camera to capture breathtaking images which we cannot see with our eyes. This is not only the best work of Snow but also a masterpiece of history of films. “An eye without body”(Snow) leads us to genuine heights of film works.

“One Way Boogie Woogie / 27 Years Later” by James BENNING
16mm/1978, 2005/116min. (USA)

“One Way Boogie Woogie” (1978) consists from 60 one-minute shots which filmed in Milwaukee, BENNING’s home. With personal story and abstract expression sitting together in the film, BENNING’s films show a new style of storytelling in films, which can be recognized as both documentary and narrative. And for this festival, “One Way Boogie Woogie” is screened with “27 Years Later” (2005) filmed 27 years later with the same cast, in the same location and the same structure. Every 60 shots has its own rich depth and mechanism as if each shot is independent film.

“A Portrait of Mr. O” by Chiaki NAGANO
Cast:Kazuo OHNO

“Mr. O’s Mandala” by Chiaki NAGANO
Cast:Kazuo OHNO

“Mr. O’s Book of the Dead” by Chiaki NAGANO
Cast:Kazuo OHNO

“Mr.O series”is created by Chiaki NAGANO, a documentary filmmaker, as her tribute to for Butoh dancer, Kazuo OHNO. Nagano experienced the avant-garde art movement in Japan in 1960s, and anti-theatrical, avant-garde butoh in the Soviet Union and Poland. Returned to Japan, she met Kazuo OHNO, and she tried to achieve new film work through him. The process of making the film was also an artistic process for OHNO as the founder of butoh. These films are valuable records filmed and created during when OHNO took a break from his stage works.

Provided by:NPO Dance Archive Network (DAN)

“Hangman Takuzo” by Yasuko YOKOSHI with Hangman Takuzo, Mika KUROSAWA and Namiko KAWAMURA

In this documentary film, staring at the garden in a drizzle, Takuzo KUBIKUKURI talks about his own activity. He had been taking an action of “hanging”for more than 40 years. And then the camera filmed him performing his “hanging” in front his partner, Mika KUROSAWA, choreographer / dancer. Namiko KAWAMURA, an artist of forward walking, appears in the middle of the film. This is a memorial screening for Takuzo who died in March 2018.

*Post-ScreeningTalk: Yasuko YOKOSHI xYasunori IKUNOSHI (directorm artist and filmmaker)

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★Workshop for filming a dance piece, “Let’s Film Dance!”★
9/7 Fri, 9/8 Sat, 9/9 Sun, 9/15 Sat
Inviting a film director Nao Yoshigai, who is also a choreographer, we explore filming and editing dance as its subject. For more information, please visit our website below.