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Saiko KINO

KINO started learning the modern dance as a child. She graduated in Dance education course in Ochanomizu Univ. After graduate, she is working as PE teacher in junior high and highschool. Her work “Edge” won the Yokohama Art Foundation Prize at their Solo Duo Competition 2003. In 2004, KINO received an inter- national fellowship from the Agency for Cultural Affairs; and in 2005, she joined the Russell Maliphant Company as a dancer. After she came back to Japan, she often uses the method of self-documentary to create dance works based on research. Since 2016, Kino is a lecturer of Tottori University Art Center. She felt everything become a dance.


Saiko KINO
“Dance Becoming Physical Education ?”
10/6 Sat 15:00, 10/7 Sun 12:00
Goethe-Institut Tokyo