He started tap dance at the age of 9 and studies under Koyo UKAI. In his late teens, he went to New York, India and Australia and learned various culture and music. After retuned home, he established his current style of tap dance, which is musical but also groovy. With his excellent musical sense and improvisation skills, he’s been collaborating with many international artists from various genres including jazz, flamenco and Indian classic music. In 2013 and 2015, his band “Conguero Tres Hoofers” went to European/Russian tour. His resent works include the performance in FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL in 2016 and “Nichirin no Tsubasa,” directed by Miwa Yanagi in 2016-2017. He also organized “tap dance concerto con” project.


10/7 Sun
World Kita Aoyama Building