Affordance: for more tangible life

Time & Date
10/13 Sat 19:00-20:30
Everyone has his/her own relationship with environment.
We are all acting in an environment, being affected, and then start to walk again.
Artists see the world, not only their creative space but even everyday world, with their perspective of creating arts. Theatre designers find theatrical space in our plain daily scenery and choreographers find dance in it. For them, one ordinary power pole would be theatrically attractive, and the cry of a crow would motivate someone to dance. Thus, how we relate to an environment/world around us? In this talk event, we will have a panel discussion with various artists in performing arts, with “Affordance” (=meaning and value which the environment offers to the individual) as our keyword, and look for clues for this question.

Speakers: Yuki KOBAYASHI(performance artist),
Itaru SUGIYAMA(stage designer),
Tsuyoshi SHIRAI(choreographer, dancer)

Ticket: ¥2,000 in advance / ¥2,500 at the door *1 free drink included

Planning: Taku YOSHIDA, Yasushi KUROTAKI
Organizer: VACANT
Cooperation: Dance New Air 2018