fukudapero is a multi-modal anthropologist and poet. Currently a PhD candidate at Ritsumeikan University, fukudapero has conducted field in UK, Rwanda and Japan. His outputs range from film, installation, photography, drawing, poetry, novel to academic writing, exploring the boundary between art and academia, blurring and questioning them, thriving to construct a different holistic form of knowledge. His recent works include; short film “Sitting, Gazing, Gazed” (2020), poetry collection “flowers like blue glass” (2018) and installation “yoyo” (im/pulse exhibition, Kyoto City University of Arts Art Gallery @KCUA, 2018). Winner of Experimental Film at the Manchester International Film Festival 2016 (“o -a film shot with water lens-“), fukudapero has been nominated for Forward Prize for Poetry 2020 and chosen as emerging poets 2020 by Gendaishitecho magazine.


David Wampach/Takao Kawaguchi/fukudapero “INOUTSIDE”
10/23 Sat
10/24 Sun