TopProgramDavid Wampach/Takao Kawaguchi/fukudapero “INOUTSIDE”


David Wampach/Takao Kawaguchi/fukudapero

David Wampach (dancer, choreographer, France), Takao Kawaguchi (dancer, performer, Japan) and fukudapero (multi-modal anthropologist, poet, Japan) present a two-day ‘viral’ forum. A collective experiment under the theme ‘virally inspired future’, various viruses (artists, performers, scientists and walk-in audiences) will join the host cell (the event) for a multitude of events from morning virus exercise, performances, exhibitions, screenings, workshops, talks, symposiums, to night parties. Through such multidimensional possibilities, participants will be able to deeply and corporally engage with the virus. This is to exchange different perspectives, thoughts, opinions, feelings and ideas, to explore and find a different form of intimacy.
Time & Date
10/23 Sat 9:00-20:00
10/24 Sun 10:00-19:30
Today, with the pandemic of COVID-19, virus and disease are becoming more than ever metaphor of infection, incubation, contamination, discrimination, propagation of information, surveillance, suspicion, invasion, division and war. And this is not anything new. Plague, AIDS, SARS, it’s always been the same. But is this how we should treat viruses? Is this how we want to treat ourselves? By separating inside and outside, creating friend and enemy? What modern science tells us is that without viruses there would have been no biological evolution as it is now. We would have been completely different beings. Without them, we would have no placenta. We have been living in symbiosis for millions of years. Biologically, this pandemic, however brutal it may seem, is a mere process of adaptation. Inside and outside are not so easy to distinguish. From such a viral, global perspective, we take this an opportunity to rethink ourselves and our societies, universes we live in to imagine a future. Despite the emergency that surrounds us, or all the more for it, we attempt to see viruses as a metaphor of freedom and fun.

10.23 Sat

10.24 Sun

10/23 Sat

①Masahiro Kobayashi & Takao Kawaguchi
“Funny Talk on the Relation between Virus and Human Body”

Could the body infected with a virus be inspiring to dance and butoh? Inviting Prof, Masahiro Kobayashi as a guest speaker, this is a dialogue about the aesthetics of aging, disease and death looked at from the viewpoint of “life ethnography”.
Masahiro Kobayashi
Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Science, Professor
Born in Tokyo in 1959, Masahiro Kobayashi has developed a unique theory of the body, settling it at the apex of medicine, philosophy and art. He cross-disciplinarily examines the concept of the body as seen through the lens of medical history, medical anthropology, classical theatre (Kabuki, Bunraku, Noh, and Rakugo) and modern thought (particularly, Studies of Culture and Representation). He holds various public lectures on Kabuki and Rakugo. Kobayashi is the director of the Life Ethnography Project exploring new ideas on life and death.

②Performance “The Living Room Now — A Virus Exercise”

In the current pandemic, how are families adapting to life with new normal and social distancing? This is a fantastic portrait of the family’s living room with the virus exercise daily.
Capacity:30 persons 
For everyone, but above the elementary school age
Choreography and performance: Memi Shinozaki, Ali, Takao Kawaguchi
Thanks to: DANCE&NURSERY!!
③Lecture Performance y/n (Kiyoshi Hashimoto, Kenta Yamazaki) “Coming Out Lessons “

The experiences of gay men recited on stage. What is the difference between homosexuality and heterosexuality? What is the difference between you, the listener, and me, the one coming out? Can I trust you/Can you trust me? A lecture-performance as a lesson in coming out, experiencing someone else come out, and not coming out. The work is a recreated version of the first performance presented in Yokohama in 2020 following a residency at the Kinosaki International Arts Center. (Performed in Japanese with consecutive English interpretation)
duration: 45 min, and Q&A 30 min
※Recommended age: Above 18 years old (has sexual content)

Concept and Direction: y/n(Kiyoshi Hashimoto + Kenta Yamazaki)
Actor: Kiyoshi Hashimoto
Interpreter: Kenta Yamazaki
Cooperation: noruba, Kinosaki International Arts Center, Steep Slope Studio
y/n (Kiyoshi Hashimoto, Kenta Yamazaki)
y/n is founded in 2019 Kiyoshi Hashimoto (Director, Actor) and Kenta Yamazaki (Critic, Dramaturg). Our projects are based on interviews and research, and in a sustainable way. The name of the unit implies binary opposition, contradiction, the state before reaching the answer, invisibility as impossibility to google, anonymity, private desire, and yen. Recent works include “Coming Out Lessons” (Feb.,2020) and “Sex/Work/Art” (Feb.,2021).

④Salon de V

The leading artists of INOUTSIDE open the first night of dance, video, and spoken word on the theme of “A future for which the virus gives us clues.”
⚫︎ David Wampach Dance performance “Dance with Uranus and Your Virus: dance performance”
Choreography & performance: David Wampach
I thought about the TV show called «Dance with The Stars», which is a competition with celebrities and professional dancers. I was wondering with which celebrity i’d like to dance and i thought about Corona, that became so famous the last 18 months, and Uranus, which is also a nice partner or at least very inspiring, as he/she/it/they represents what is unpredictable, anti-conformism, the need for freedom, the break with traditions, the start of something new. So, let’s dance with the Stars.
⚫︎ Film screening “Invisible Call”
Production: fukudapero, David Wampach, Takao Kawaguchi
Going back and forth for 5 years across four continents. Friendship, brotherhood, loss, birth, raising kid…. Loosing tracks and looking for ghosts in Iya valley, or chasing cars on highways in Saruhashi. Time and space. Or no time, no space. Being threatened by what is not visible. Radioactivity, virus, disease, nuclear family, language as virus, life after death, fear, love… and then, freedom of movement, sharing emotions and dance.

10/24 Sun

①Performance “The Living Room Now — A Virus Exercise”

In the current pandemic, how are families adapting to life with new normal and social distancing? This is a fantastic portrait of the family’s living room with the virus exercise daily.
Capacity:30 persons 
For everyone, but above the elementary school age
Choreography and performance: Memi Shinozaki, Ali, Takao Kawaguchi
Thanks to: DANCE&NURSERY!! 
②”Dream Virus Laboratory”

Scientific studies insist there are 10^31 viruses on planet earth and among them must be such beyond human imagination. In this presentation, upon learning basic information on viruses and their peculiar life cycle, we will explore dream come true viruses, a place where human imagination and nature link. The outcome will be presented at Salon de V!

<What is Neo-Virology?>
While conventional studies on virus have focused mainly on ones which may cause diseases for humans, Neo-Virology is a new realm of science in which a group of open-minded researchers study on the kind of viruses that are harmless to humans and those which are unknown to us and thrive in various environments.

Facilitator: Akiko Makino (Virologist/ Institute for Frontier Life and Medical Sciences, Kyoto University)
Cooperation: Scientific Research on Innovative Areas; Neo-Virology
Special thanks to: Dr.Tokiko Watanabe(Professor, Research Institute for Microbial Diseases)
Production: INOUTSIDE Project
Akiko Makino (Virologist/ Institute for Frontier Life and Medical Sciences, Kyoto University)
Born in Aichi, Japan. Having received Ph.D. from the Medical Science Department at the University of Tokyo, her current research focuses on interaction between the RNA viruses and their hosts. A cat enthusiast.

③Salon de V — Closing Gala

Under the theme of the Future with Hints from the Virus, the second evening of the Salon de V features discussions, screenings and performances on dream and reality, prejudices and ideals, love and loss. This will close the all-together five years of INOUTSIDE.
※Age restriction: Above 18 years old
⚫︎ “Dream Virus Laboratory” presentations

⚫︎ Special screening: “LOVE BALL 1994” (excerpt)
After Teiji Furuhashi of Dumb Type came out as HIV+ in 1992, the LOVE POSITIVE Committee was founded by artists and activists around him aiming at fighting against prejudices about AIDS and disseminating accurate information on the disease. In August 1994, the committee organized the party LOVE BALL 1994 at the 10th International AIDS Conference in Yokohama. This is the documentation of the party.

⚫︎ Performance “Hone made Aishite / Love You to the Bones”
Choreography and performance: SNATCH / NORICO SUNAYAMA

I suddenly lose my lover
My feeling for you gets even stronger
The dance of illusion, a creature of the night.

After dancing for Mika Kurosawa and Dancers, Sunayama joined Dumb Type and participated in creation of its performance works since 1990, and toured both in Japan and overseas.
In the name of SNATCH, she has been performing original shows with sexy black humor and “discomfort” at night clubs and cabarets both in Japan and overseas.

⚫︎ Talk session
Guests: Tomohisa Sato, and others
Tomohisa Sato (cultural anthropologist)
Professor of Anthropology at the Kyoto City University of Arts, SATO is the author of HIV and Alterity (2004, doctoral thesis) and Making Community Archive (2018, co-authored with KAI Kenji and KITANO Hisashi).

And other guests

⚫︎ Pei-Ying Lin “Virophilia”

Can we initiate a further relationship with the viruses proactively instead of passively? Virophilia is a project aiming at investigating the possibilities of human-virus encounters in the realm of culture through completion of various events, performances and material objects. Virophilia creates new discourse and sensible understandings of the viruses. The project consists of recipes written in year 2068 to showcase how humans have started to develop viral cuisines that extend our sensorial experience. The recipes are being presented in various forms depending on the exhibition context. In this case, an installation.
Pei-Ying Lin
Originally from Taiwan, Pei-Ying Lin lives and works in the Netherlands. An artist, sometimes a designer. She focuses on exploring science and human society through artistic methods, and she is particularly interested in building a common discussion ground for different cultural perspectives regarding elements that construct our individual perception of the world.

⚫︎ Toshiaki Sakai “Was infected”
“It once was infected, but now it is negative. We don’t know what would happen if you drink it.”
This work is a spin-off of Pei-Ying Lin’s Virophilia. This tea questions how one accepts changes. In 2020, society could not help but going through a big change, but people seem to pursue the unchanged world as if nothing had happened. But the world was infected, we cannot go back to the past before the infection. How will you digest this world?

Toshiaki Sakai
SAKAI transcends between art, design, culture and business involved from conceptual design to actual implementation. In 2019, he opened ○MA a concept store and office near Toji in Kyoto.

⚫︎ YuUkiKATAYAMA “VirusⅡⅤⅠⅥ chord”
Taking the six steps of viral life; 1 attachment, 2 penetration, 3 uncoating, 4 replication, 5 assembly, 6 release, as a concept YuUkiKATAYAMA created two viral sound images of TYPE-A and TYPE-B. This is an attempt to translate viral life cycle to movement and material.

Specializing on guitar and environmental sound, YuUkiKATAYAMA explores noise, ambient sound and Japanese traditional music not only in the form of musical performance, but art exhibitions and beyond. Topped the iTunes 2021 instrumental chart and 2nd in jazz chart.

<Leading Artists >
David Wampach
Takao Kawaguchi

<Collaborating Artists>
y/n (Kiyoshi Hashimoto and Kenta Yamazaki, Theater)
Memi Shinozaki (Choreographer/Dancer from DANCE&NURSERY!! )
Pei-Ying Lin (Artist from Taiwan)
SNATCH/NORICO SUNAYAMA (Dancer/Performance Artist)
Toshiaki Sakai(Artist, Tea designer)
YuUkiKATAYAMA(Sound Artist)
Joshibi University of Art and Design, Field of Art Produce and Museum Studies, Stage Art Production Seminar I

Administration: Karen Jouve (FR), Ayako Miyake (JP)
Technical Coordinator: Takashi Kawachi
Visual Design: Noriko Okaku
Production: Association Achles, INOUTSIDE Project
Supported by The Saison Foundation
Endorsement: Ambassade de France / Institut français du Japon

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