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Memi Shinozaki

Dancer and choreographer. While still in high school, she contacted and consequently joined Strange Kinoko Dance Company despite having no professional dance experience. After graduating from a course in Western dance at Nihon University College of Art, she rejoined the company and has since performed in all of its works presented in Japan and overseas. In 2017, she left the company to go freelance. As a mother of two, she now directs, composes, choreographs, and performs in dance productions, commercials, plays, music videos, and events, in addition to offering Pilates classes and dance workshops for children at various venues. Since 2016, she co-launched Dance&Nursery!!, an organization that works with art festivals and events to support artists and audiences who are raising children. Since 2018, she has organized Hyogen no Mememe, a workshop and performance event dealing with children and their physical expression, at VACANT in Harajuku among other venues. She is involved in the planning and organization of dance workshops that encourage children to enjoy dance not only as a technique but also as a communication tool and to become familiar with physical expression from different perspectives. She also organizes events in which children can collect different sensorial experiences through the interaction with various kinds of artists.


10/31 Sun 9:45-11:00
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