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Roma Hashimoto

Born in 1995, Tokyo.
While using conceptual methods, her performances incorporate elements of pop and street culture to create highly contemporary performances that appeal not only to art fans but a broad spectrum of people. Her style is characterized by a consistent aesthetic sense in all the elements comprising the work, as well as an ability to analyze respective themes from multiple perspectives and present new assumptions by de-constructing various contexts and reorganizing them in the manner of collage.
Roma received the Grand Prize in the PLAY Division at SICF20 (2019) for “Tokyo Mystery Circle Club Band” and the Outstanding New Artist Prize at the Yokohama Dance Collection 2020 for “Cyclone Chronicle”. At Yokohama Dance Collection 2021, she performed “Devil Dance”, which takes Faust and Dance Macabre as motifs to depict human solitude and views of life and death during the coronavirus crisis. DaBY Residence Artist.


Dance Showcase
10/30 Sat 15:00 / 18:30
Spiral Hall