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Saiko Kino

Born in Sapporo, Japan. With an admiration for Pink Lady’s UFO, she started learning modern dance with the Reiko Noto Modern Dance Company at an early age. After graduating from the Department of Dance Education at Ochanomizu University, she worked as a part-time instructor of health and physical education at junior and senior high school, exploring dance in physical education. After winning the Yokohama Arts Foundation Prize at the Yokohama Solo × Duo Competition 2003, she went to France in 2004 as a grantee of an overseas study program organized by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, and later worked as a dancer with the Russell Maliphant Company. Since then, she has performed as a choreographer in Japan, Britain, France, Korea, and the U.S. After returning to Japan in 2009, she started to adopt a self-documentary method involving spoken word and dance that asks questions based on her own life. After completing an MA in Sport and Wellness Promotion at the University of Tsukuba in 2016, she became a lecturer in the same year at the Faculty of Regional Sciences, Tottori University. Currently, she works both as a dancer and lecturer. Her love for Kenji Miyazawa led her to produce Tottori Milkyway rail Festival (2019). In recent years, Kino’s life is becoming all about dance.


Saiko Kino
“Dance Becoming Physical Education?” Vol.3
2021:Space Odyssey (with dance?)
11/5 Fri 18:30
11/6 Sat 18:30
Minato Science Museum