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Takuya Takemoto
“came to see mountains”

What does it mean to be? With an awareness of such questions, Takuya Takemoto, who has been repeating his performance of simply being in the space every day with or without an audience, will here present a new work. Using as his stage the auditorium of the Goethe-Institut Tokyo, the largest space in which he has performed to date, Takemoto will experience the space that envelops his body and all the events therein, sharpening all his senses in a one-hour performance.
Time & Date
10/26 Tue 19:00
10/27 Wed 19:00
※Duration: 60min.
Goethe-Institut Tokyo
The landscape seen from the rooftop connects to the mountains beyond.
A huge expanse of air fills the gulf between.
The tip of my eye reaches the edge of the mountain in the distance.
A small water tower with a spiral staircase stands there.
The water tower is not actually small.
There is a person climbing the stairs.
That person and I are connected by the same air.
A straight line. A link.
Is that person aware of this?
Does he draw the same breath as I?
There is nothing that separates us, except this distance.
A dry, cracking sound hits the landscape.
Appearing on the stage, I listen carefully and slowly take a step forward. It is not something “I” have done, nor something between “I” and “you,” but a small point barely emerging after both “I” and “you” have dis-appeared. I move to that single point, which neither exists nor disappears. This world—or rather, what is in front of my eyes—is connected to the real world. I perform in order to create a place where I can see such points.

Performance: Takuya Takemoto
Lighting Design: Go Ogoma
Sound Design: Yoshio Otani
Stage Manager: Takashi Kawachi
Visual Design: Kenta Suzuki
Illustration: Kohei Yoshihara
Lighting support: Mikito Haruta (AIR POWER SUPPLY CO.,LTD.)
Special thanks: Masayo Okano