TopProgramSaiko KINO Lecture-Performance: “Dance Becoming Physical Education ?”


Saiko KINO
Lecture-Performance: “Dance Becoming Physical Education ?”
Vol.1−Through the Life and Work of Kazuo OHNO, the PE Teacher
Vol.2−Dance as Nation-founding Calisthenics

Time & Date
10/6 Sat 15:00
10/7 Sun 12:00
※Duration: 150min. with intermission
※Doors open 45 minutes prior
Suitable for ages 4+
In Japan, dance is taught as a part of physical education at school. With modesty, fairness and grace, moving our bodies with music for good health. In Vol.1, through the history of Women’s physical education and Kazuo OHNO, and in Vol.2, through 1940 Tokyo Olympics known as “Phantom Tokyo Olympics” and the craze for physical exercise, Saiko KINO, a former PE teacher at junior and senior high school, dancer, and university lecturer, explores the difference between physical exercise, dance and sports with her lecture and performance.
Vol.1 – Through the Life and Work of Kazuo Ohno, the PE Teacher
Direction: Saiko KINO
Performance: Yoko HAYASHI, Kaori TOI, Saiko KINO
Premiere: Dance Archive Project 2016 at BankART Studio NYK (2016)

Vol.2 – Dance as Nation-founding Calisthenics
Direction and Performance: Saiko KINO
Premiere: Dance Archive Project 2018 at Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery, Meiji Jingu Gaien (2018)

Lighting Design: Chika KASHIMURA
Sound Design: Noriaki KODA
Stage Management: Naohiro YOSHIDA
Production Management: NPO Dance Archive Network (DAN)  
In collaboration with Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio, NPO Dance Archive Network (DAN), Tottori Prefectural Library, Ochanomizu University Digital Archives


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