TopNewsDance New Air 2020 Pre-performance Site-specific Series Vol.3 “no room”


Dance New Air 2020 Pre-performance Site-specific Series Vol.3 “no room”

Dance New Air 2020 Pre-performance Site-specific Series Vol.3
“no room”

November 2 Sat 16:00/19:00, 3 Sun 16:00/19:00, 4 Mon・Holiday 13:00/16:00
Noguchi Room, Keio University Mita Campus, Tokyo
Where could I live in peace as someone with double nationality and a double upbringing? Where should I channel my love?
Where is my identity? Japan or America—both? Or do I even belong in this world?
Isamu Noguchi

Isamu Noguchi was a sculptor who, struggling with an uncertain sense of belonging attributed to his childhood, continued to seek salvation in creation. The Noguchi Room, which serves as the main venue for “no room,” was constructed by Noguchi in 1951 together with architect Yoshiro Taniguchi while giving the highest priority to the fusion of architecture and sculpture. After completion, however, it was overwhelmed by management issues such as unintended relocations and refurbishment, causing it to drift through history to the present while existing as an architectural space. On the other hand, Noguchi himself was also a restless wanderer who traveled throughout his life. The lament of a lonely artist who lacked a place of belonging dwells in the sculptural forms he left behind all over the world, quietly questioning the identity of people living today.

Saori HALA is an emerging artist who explores the state of the physical body in space and time. Researching the distinctive context of the Noguchi Room from the perspectives of dance, music, art, fashion and photography, she will build a sculptural relationship with the physical body in the present.
This is the third edition of a site-specific series realized as part of “Dance New Air”, a biannual international dance festival held in the Aoyama area of Tokyo.
Concept: Saori HALA, BLESS
Situation Design:Saori HALA, BLESS, Manami KAKUDO
Situation Handler:Saori HALA, Kaho KOGURE, Kazuya OI, Kazuhei KIMURA, BLESS
Photo Archive:Kazuhei KIMURA

Stage Direction: Daijiro KAWAKAMI
Lighting Design: Masayo OKANO(PICOLER)
Sound Design: Raku NAKAHARA(LUFTZUG)

Saori HALA
Saori Hala is a performance artist who is based in Berlin. She works with a diverse range of media, including movement, film, light, sound and drawings. Her work is connected through the constant presence of the inseparable relationship between time, void, and body. These elements are developed with human action in everyday occurrences and observations. Her body research is based on the thought of „affordance“ by James Gibson who is an American psychologist, and also engaging in site-specific performance.
She started to dance since childhood and explored in fields between visual communication and performance art under her studying of design at Tokyo University of the Art and solo performance at HZT Berlin. The mentor of her studying was Martin Nachbar who is a German director.
After graduating, she started to work as freelancer as dancer and artist in Berlin and Tokyo. She has worked with Sue Healy(AU), Silvia Gribaudi(IT), etc.
Her current performance work “Da Dad Dada” dealt with her biographical narrative about the relationship with her father who was a successful Japanese musical dancer. (Berlin Premiere 2017)


BLESS is a made to measure profession founded in 1997 by Ines Kaag, based in Berlin, and Desiree Heiss, based in Paris.The two designers escape from any calibrated definition in design or applied arts. Faithful to their initial concept, dividing and combining creation between fashion, art, design and architecture, they engage an independent work method, which often implements collaborations and interactions with friends, customers and other contributors.
Their creations are born from true personal needs; aiming for simplicity and comfort throughout daily life while aspiring for more visionary horizons.
Their products as well as their distribution systems do not fit into any pre-established category; BLESS passes without transition from one area to another, from highly functional forms to conceptual propositions on the verge of abstraction.
An unlimited, fluid and contemporary conception.
BLESS does not promote any style – BLESS fits every style!


Kaho Kogure born in 1989,is a dancer and choreographer.Her dance embraces “meguru-meguru mono”- everything that comes,goes,and connects one with another.She has performed with number of choreographers and dance groups.She also has joind international tours in Italy,Indonesia,Mexico,and Lithuania.
She has been developing her repertoire as a solo dancer with her first solo work in 2012,and has createdin 2013, in 2015 and in 2015.She also participates in a film and collaborates with a number of musicians.She graduated from Japan College of Woman’s Physical Education.She won the 2012 Session Best prize,2015 Yokohama Dance Collection EX2015 competition Rendition 1 Encouragement Prize,New Face Award of Contemporary Dance section from EI SUR Fondation(2017)


Kazuya OI
Drummer / Beatmaker
Born on June 12, 1992 in Kanagawa Prefecture. Joined DATS and yahyel in 2015. His activities extend over a wide range of genres and categories, including drum support and music commissions.

Kazuhei KIMURA
Photographer. Born in 1993 in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture. Lives in Tokyo. Winner of the Encouragement Award at the 19th “1_WALL” Photography Exhibition. He began taking photographs in 2012 and has since pursued his own photographic work in parallel with commissions from clients. He continues to produce images that oscillate between childhood memories and new experiences, and has published four photo books to date. His latest work is “Lighthouse,” produced in 2019.


Musician/percussionist, born in Nagasaki.
Manami Kakudo connects music with playfulness using her own voice, marimba and other percussion instruments, as well as words and everything else around her. She is a chorus singer and percussionist in the band “cero,” and was a percussionist for the album “ORIGINAL LOVE.” She also produces music for dance performances, video works and various commercials, while also developing her own independent creative activities both in Japan and overseas.

Tickets (on sale from Sept. 18, 2019) Adults: 4,000JPY
U24/O65/Residents, students and employees based in Minato Ward: 3,500JPY
※Those U24/O65 (under 24 years of age, over 65 years of age) or wishing to claim the Minato Ward discount will be asked to show student card, national health insurance card, employee ID card or other form of identification at reception on the day of performance.
※Discount for disabled persons: Disabled persons and one companion/caregiver are entitled to a 10% discount on general admission price. Please apply here:
※For those who are unable to purchase tickets online, please send an enquiry to, or contact the Dance New Air Organizing Committee (080-3340-5670, weekdays 11:00~18:00).
※On the day of performances, please open the Peatix application and present your e-ticket, or present a printed copy of your ticket.

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