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Dance Performance @Exhibition

Mariko Kakizaki, who fascinates audiences with her rich emotional expression, will use the rich colors of the SPREAD exhibition as a venue for her performance. This special program invites viewers to witness the moment when the body resonates with a space based on the concept “color is joy.”
Mariko Kakizaki
11/6 Sat 11:15/12:15
Spiral Garden
The artists of SPREAD told me that “in the distant past, to deal with color was to deal with life.”
Blood’s color is red, grass’ color is green, color of flowers is yellow, insects’ color is brown: There was a time when color was directly connected to the energy of life.
Will my body ever experience those colors?
I want to experience the moment when color and body resonate and dance together.
Music: Moeka Shinotsuka
Costume: Shinya Watanabe