Ecology of the Body and Society

Dance New Air (DNA) is a biennial dance festival taking place in the Aoyama area of Tokyo that showcases the present and future of dance. In 2021, the festival will again bring together artists with a sensitivity to society who offer fresh new perspectives.

Quickening the heartbeat, dance unleashes the emotions. From prayer and desire to joy and sorrow, people have danced to express their emotions since ancient times. In the same fundamental way as DNA, dance may well be rooted deeply in our bodies. Transcending time, contemporary artists attune themselves to the age in which they live, continually evolving in response.

Dance New Air 2020->21 takes as its theme “Ecology of the Body and Society”. Together with the tumultuous changes in the natural and social environments that surround us, fragmentation is occurring among people in different places. Basing our lives in society, how will we live in the future? It is this question, suddenly and unequivocally manifesting itself, on which the gaze and thoughts of each artist converge.

Six dance artists/groups from Japan and overseas will perform at six venues centered in the Aoyama area of Tokyo, including satellite venues in Tamachi and Kitasenju. In addition, an assortment of other programs will be on offer, including showcases by young artists, performance in context of an art exhibition, dance film screenings at a movie theater, a dance book fair at a bookstore, and the popular DANCE&NURSERY!! workshop for parents and children. Dance has the power to expand thinking by turning our attention to what surrounds us. Through the works it introduces, Dance New Air aims to find hints and hope for the future, becoming a festival that opens new doors both for people encountering dance for the first time as well as those deeply involved in dance.

Dance New Air Organizing Committee
Dance Nippon Associates

10/23 Sat – 11/12 Fri, 2021


Spiral Hall, Sogetsu Hall, SHIBAURA HOUSE, Goethe-Institut Tokyo, Minato Science Museum, BUoY, Theatre Image Forum, Aoyama Book Center main store, Spiral Garden


Dance New Air Organizing Committee, Dance Nippon Associates


Minato Cooperation Project for Cultural Program, Daguerreo Press, Inc. (Theatre Image Forum), Sogetsu Foundation, Goethe-Institut Tokyo


Agency for Cultural Affairs (Project for Supporting International Art Exchange) | Japan Arts Council
Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)




Wacoal Art Center, SHIBAURA HOUSE, KOBAYASHI PRODUCE INC., Aoyama Book Center main store, Dance Hoikuen!! Organizing Committee, SPREAD


Embassy of Israel in Japan, Ambassade de France / Institut français du Japon


Advisory Board
Tatsuro Ishii (Dance Critic / Professor Emeritus, Keio University / Visiting professor, Aichi Prefectural University of the Arts)
Ryoichi Enomoto (Director, ATAMATOTE International / Visiting professor, Kyoto University of the Arts)
Shigeto Nuki (Dance Critic / Professor, Senshu University)Takao NORIKOSHI (Writer and Dance Critic / Director, Japan Dance Plug, Ltd.)
Atsuko Hisano (Program Director, The Saison Foundation)


Chief Producer
Maki Miyakubo


Kumi Hiraoka, Koyo Yamashita (Theatre Image Forum)


Shinji Ono, Hiroyuki Kobayashi (KOBAYASHI PRODUCE INC.)


Production Staffs
Kanako Iwanaka, Elly Fujita, Mami Motoyuki


Ticket Administation
Mai Takizawa


Public Relations
Naoko Takegata (dailypress), Yuko Mori


Publicity Design
Hirohisa Ota (golzopocci)


Website Construction
Masahiro Ohsuka


SNS Assistant
Riho Iwasaki


Jaime Humphreys, Miho Shimizu


Program at Spiral
Technical Coordinator: Yoshiko Haraguchi
Stage Manager: Satoshi Ono
Assistant Stage Manager: Chikage Yuyama, Kayoko Yamazoe
Lighting Design: Eishi Katsumoto(LIGHTING LAB Ltd.)
Sound Design: Atsushi Ukioka(Story-Lane Co., Ltd.)
Video Operators & Streaming Team: NPO LAND FES (Dai Matsuoka, Makoto Ando, Masabumi Kimura, Ryo Sakamoto Yuto Niyama, Shunsuke Nemoto)
Technical Interpreter: Kayoko Yamazoe


Yulia Skogoreva


Ryohei Tomita