A platform that supports artists who are pursuing their creative careers while raising children, and viewers who refuse to give up enjoying art as parents. For this festival, performances at the exhibition venue in Spiral Garden will be streamed live.
Memi Shinozaki, Miyu Kajiwara, Yu Majima, Ayaka Suga
Live Streaming
10/31 Sun 9:45-11:00
Also available in archive
Combining workshops that encourage children and adults to get acquainted with physical expression and performances that can be enjoyed by all, Dance&Nursery!! is a nationwide program organized by choreographers, dancers, directors, actors, musicians, architects, designers, artists and other creatives. Since its inception in 2016, Dance&Nursery!! has held numerous events in collaboration with dance and art festivals, public halls, art museums, temples and parks. In 2020 it launched its first video streaming program and is currently continuing to produce and release a video series that draws on the creativity of a diverse group of artists. Believing in the power of exceptional performing arts to bring vitality, healing and inspiration to contemporary society, Dance&Nursery!! aims to build an educational environment rich in creativity while cultivating diverse audiences.