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Takao Kawaguchi

From 1996 Kawaguchi joined Dumb Type for “OR” (1997), “memorandum” (1998) and “Voyage” (2002). In parallel, Kawaguchi began working solo from 2000, collaborating with artists of different disciplines exploring horizons of live performance crossing borders of theater, dance, visual image and fine arts. From 2008 he began the solo performance series “a perfect life”, the 6th work of which, “From Okinawa to Tokyo”, was presented at the 5th Yebisu Eizo Festival at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography in 2013. Recently he’s approached Butoh in “About Kazuo Ohno” (world prem-iere in 2013) which was nominated for the NYC Bessie Award for 2016-17; and was presented at Theatre de la Ville á Paris in October 2018. The piece has been performed over 70 times at over 30 cities around the world. Latest works include: “TOUCH OF THE OTHER” (Los Angeles 2015; Tokyo in 2016) which was based on the archive materials of sociological studies of male-to-male impersonal sex at public places from ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives in LA. In 2020 he danced in “Duo no Kai”, choreographed by Akira Kasai. In Spring 2021 Kawaguchi was the artistic director of Tokyo Real Underground (online festival of Butoh-affiliated performances).


David Wampach/Takao Kawaguchi/fukudapero “INOUTSIDE”
10/23 Sat
10/24 Sun