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Saori Hala

Dancer, choreographer, artist, and director of Co.S.
Based in Berlin, Tokyo, and Yokohama, Saori Hala creates performances and choreographic works on the themes of the body in physical space and body ownership. Her academic background in design theory and ecological psychology and her experience of living with natural disasters since childhood have led her to conduct ongoing research exploring “the maneuvered body in the environment”. In recognition of her in-depth research and unique creative style, she was awarded the 9th El Sur Foundation New Talent Award for Contemporary Dance in 2020.
In addition to her work on stage, Hala is also involved in a variety of activities in the cultural scenes of music and fashion among others. In recent collaborations, appearances, and choreographies, she has worked with Yoshio Otani, Manami Kakudo, Tomoyo Harada, Shuta Hasunuma, U-zhaan, Nike, Bless, Shiseido, shu uemura, and Cartier.
Hala completed an MA in Design at Tokyo University of Fine Arts and an MA in Solo Dance Performance at Berlin University of the Arts. She was a grantee of the Yoshino Gypsum Art Foundation in 2013 and the Pola Art Foundation in 2017. Hala is an Arts Commission Yokohama U39 Artist Fellow since 2020 and is currently a choreographer-in-residence at Dance Base Yokohama.


Saori Hala
“Da Dad Dada”
10/30 Sat 18:00
10/31 Sun 15:00
Sogetsu Hall