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Related Exhibition “Spread by Spread: What Color is Tomorrow?”

Based on the concept of “color is joy,” the works presented use color as a medium to evoke various memories and stir the imagination. The exhibition will feature five recent works, including Much Peace, Love and Joy, an accumulation of special letterpress paper fragments. On November 6, Mariko Kakizaki will give a dance performance at the exhibition venue.
10/27 Wed~11/7 Sun 11:00-20:00
Spiral Garden
The world has been completely transformed by the coronavirus pandemic. As a heavy atmosphere enveloped the planet, the SPREAD Unit sensed the danger of being engulfed by the crisis if it would not resist, and was inspired by the colors of letterpress printing to start creating. Based on the idea that “color has the power to stimulate our senses and emotions,” SPREAD presents an exhibition that uses color as a medium to evoke various memories and stir the imagination, with the hope of bringing joy to a dispirited world. Following postponement due to the coronavirus crisis, this exhibition will be realized in collaboration with various shops in Spiral on the theme of “color”.