Dance New Air

“Dance New Air” will start in the fall of 2014, taking over the heritage of the Dance Triennale Tokyo which had been held in Aoyama, Tokyo since 2002.

In its first edition this year, this new dance festival will feature eight collaborative works shown at Aoyama Round Theatre and Spiral Hall. The festival will last for 24 days, and will feature not only the above mentioned dance performances but also a variety of other dance-related programs, including outdoor performances in the piloti space at Children’s Castle, screenings of dance films at Theatre Image Forum, a dance book fair at the Aoyama Book Center main store, dance workshops, artists in residence and showings of their works in progress.

A form of expression preceding words in human history, dance continues to thrive globally as an art form to exploring further possibilities of bodily expression today. Artists around the world are facing diverse realities in different environments. They connect freely with each other and exchange ideas and thoughts on the issues facing humanity, then meet for face-to-face discussions that lead to powerful, innovative works of dance. 
The first edition of Dance New Air will focus on such collaborations among artists, transcending the borders of countries and disciplines, in an earnest attempt to explore new horizons in this field of physical art.
Come feel the present and future of dance alive and kicking in the art city of Aoyama this fall!


Three out of the eight works presented at Aoyama Round Theater and Spiral Hall are world premieres.
Contemporary artist Nicolas Buffe whose show was at Hara Museum in Tokyo from Apiril to June this year works with choreographer Shuji Onodera and actress Hairi Katagiri to create a genre-blending performance.
Esther Barfe (UK), Young Doo Jung (Korea) and Shigemi Kitamura (Japan), all choreographers who are also parents, each create a solo work on the theme of “family and children”.
Zan Yamashita finally brings to Tokyo Soko ni Kaitearu (IT IS WRITTEN THERE), the long-awaited piece which toured around the globe since it premiered in 2002.
French/Algerian choreographer Nacera Belaza brings her latest work which will have its premiere at the Montpelier Dance Festival and Lyon Dance Biennale just before coming to Tokyo.
Directed and led by Akiko Kitamura and Yudi Ahmad Tajudin, a group of musicians, visual artists and dancers from Japan and Indonesia have been working together on a long-term project, To Belong, since 2010. The project’s latest outcome will have its world premiere here.
Francois Chaignaud (France) and Cecilia Bengolea (France/Argentine), together with two hot dub masters, blend various styles of club dances in a feverish performance that has sent dance lovers around the world into ecstasy.
Kaori Ito and Shintaro Oue, who are based in Belgium and Sweden respectively and gaining a distinctive presence in the European dance scene, come home to show their own latest creations.
You can get a glimpse of the creative process of two international collaboration projects: the Romania-Japan which started last summer and the Croatia-Japan which began in February last year.
Pioneer of contemporary dance in Quebec, Paul-André Fortier comes back to Japan for the first time in eight years. He will be presenting 15 X AT NIGHT every evening for 15 days in Aoyama.
New York Times dance critic and poet Claudia La Rocco gives a workshop focusing on the relationship between the body and words while reminding us of the essence of critique.
Carrying over the tradition of the Dance Triennale Tokyo, “Dance New Air” displays various forms of dance and dance-related media at a number of spots in the Aoyama district, adding the Theater Image Forum and Aoyama Book Center main store to the main venues, Aoyama Round Theater and Spiral Hall.



Dance New Air
24 days from September 12 (Fri) to October 5 (Sun) 2014
Aoyama Round Theatre, Spiral Hall, Theatre Image Forum, Children’s Castle, Aoyama Book Center main store, CAY(Spiral Bldg. B1F), Morishita Studio
The Foundation for Child Well-being (National Children’s Castle, Aoyama Theatre / Aoyama Round Theatre), Spiral / Wacoal Art Center Co., Ltd., Dance New Air 2014 Executive Committee
Daguerreo Press, Inc. (Theatre Image Forum), Institut français du Japon, fifoo – Bühnenkunstverein / NPO Arts Network Japan, Office A/LB, Gabriela Tudor Foundation, Domino / Perforations Festival Croatia, Whenever Wherever Festival
The Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2012, ARTS COUNCIL TOKYO(Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Institut français
Flanders Center, Bloomberg L.P., Toyota Motor Corporation, SHISEIDO Co., Ltd., TOKYU STAY Service Co., Ltd., Nestlé Nespresso K.K., minä perhonen, NCD Co., Ltd.
Brass Media Corporation (Aoyama Book Center), Asahi Breweris, LTD., PIERRE HERMÉ PARIS, The Saison Foundation, Kinosaki International Arts Center, Tokyo Creative Weeks, NPO Kaibunsha, Shibuya Aoyama-dori store society, Aoyama Omotesando store society, SHIBAI ENGINE
Embassy of the United States of America, Indonesian Embassy, Embassy of Canada, Korean Cultural Center / Embassy of Korea, Embassy of the Republic of Croatia, Ambassade de France – Institut français du Japon, Embassy of Belgium, Embassy of Romania, Délégation générale du Québec à Tokyo, British Council, EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee, Shibuya City, Japan Dance Forum (JaDaFo)
Dance New Air Executive Committee
Tatsuro Ishii (Dance Critic / Emeritus Professor of Keio University / Part-time lecturer, Aichi Prefectural University of Arts)
Ryoichi Enomoto (Director of ATAMATOTE International / Visiting professor at Kyoto University of Art and Design / Project professor at Taisho University)
Shigeto Nuki (Dance Critic / Professor at Senshu University, School of Letters)
Takao Norikoshi (Writer, Dance Critic / Director of JAPAN DANCE PLUG Co., Ltd.)
Atsuko Hisano (Program Director, The Saison Foundation)
Chief Producers
: Shinji Ono (Aoyama Theatre / Aoyama Round Theatre), Hiroyuki Kobayashi (Spiral)
: Maki Miyakubo (Spiral), Kumi Hiraoka (Dance in Deed!), Koyo Yamashita (Theatre Image Forum)
Program Director
: Shinji Ono (Aoyama Theatre / Aoyama Round Theatre)
: Marie Takimoto, Satoko Suchi, Mai Takizawa、Chizuru Matsumoto(NPO Kaibunsha), Tomomi Kinoshita, Sayaka Sango
: Odorujou (JOU, Yurika Kuremiya, Tomomi Tamagawa)
: Takao Kawaguchi
International Correspondence
: Ayako Hamaguchi
Public Relations
: Dance Press Tokyo
Publicity Design
: Hirohisa Ota (golzopocci)
Website Construction
: Masahiro Ohsuka
Technical Coordinater
: Yoshiko Haraguchi
Stage Managers
: Satoshi Ono, Tomohiro Yokoo, Takashi Kawachi [Outdoor Performances]
Assistant Stage Managers
: Taisuke Kitamura
Lighting Coordinaters
: Koichi Motoki (Aoyama Theatre / Aoyama Round Theatre), Yukihide Otsuka (Spiral Hall)
Sound Coordinaters
: Yoshinori Iida ( Aoyama Theatre / Aoyama Round Theatre), Atsushi Ukioka (Spiral Hall)
: Emi Saito, Chiaki Fukuda
Interpretation -Technical
: Nami Nakayama
: Miyako Yoshida, Kana Ote, Takeshi Matsumoto, Asayo Hisai
        -Talk shows
: Miyako Yoshida, Tomoko Momiyama
: Yoichi Tsukada, MILLA
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