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venue: National Children’s Castle Piloti
Admission Free

Facing Aoyama-dori Street, the piloti space in front of Children’s Castle will become the stage of our outdoor programs.
The rain won’t stop us from dancing!

Paul-André Fortier

9.20 sat – 10.4 sat 19:15〜19:45
(9.22, 9.27, 10.3は20:15〜20:45)
Concept: Paul-André Fortier, Diane Boucher
Choreography: Paul-André Fortier 
Performance: Manuel Roque
A half hour long, site-specific solo performance piece to be performed for 15 nights, 15 X AT NIGHT is akin to Solo 30×30, a piece that has been performed 450 times by Paul-André Fortier in eight countries around the world since 2006. The piloti space of the Children’s Castle at night will take on a distinctive, mysterious charm, offering a different type of contact with dance, the audience and the city itself.
Concept: Paul-André Fortier and Diane Boucher
Choreography: Paul-André Fortier
Dancer: Manuel Roque
Rehearsal mistress and choreographer’s assistant: Ginelle Chagnon
Costumes Designer: Denis Lavoie
Co-producer: TAP – Théâtre et auditorium de Poitiers (France)

Fortier Danse-Création is supported by Canada Council for the Arts, Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Conseil des arts de Montréal
Fortier Danse-Création is a member of Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique

Premiere: April, 2014, Poitiers, France

Paul-André Fortier

10.5 sun 16:30〜17:15
The origin of BOX, L’HOMME AU CARTON was Solo 1×60, created at the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media in 2006 in which, in the hands of the dancer, a box is transformed into a poetic object and the solo becomes a duet. This time, the 25-minute choreography has been adapted by the choreographer himself into a 45-minute piece to be performed outdoors by fifteen Japanese dancers.

The piece will be taught in the workshop to the dancers who to be selected through auditions prior to the showing on Oct 5.

AUDITION: 9.12 sun, from 15:00 to 18:00.
WORKSHOP: 9.26 fri., 9.27 sat., 9.28 sun., 10.3 fri., 10.4 sat.
Experience in dance is required to participate. For fifteen dancers.
Fee: ¥10,000 (5 Times + Showing / Reservation required)
*with interpretation
Concept and Choreography: Paul-André Fortier
Dancers: Workshop attendants
Rehearsal mistress and choreographer’s assistant: Ginelle Chagnon
Music: Alain Thibault

Fortier Danse-Création is supported by Canada Council for the Arts, Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Conseil des arts de Montréal
Fortier Danse-Création is a member of Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique

Premiere: January, 2011, Regina, Canada
Montreal is one of the few cities in the world where contemporary dance is an integral part of people’s lives. Together with Édouard Lock, Marie Chouinard and Ginette Laurin, Paul-Andre Fortier is one of the world-class dance artists from this city. Unlike the others, however, Fortier’s dance style is simple and clear, so much that it calls to mind American postmodern dance. In his recent popular piece Solo 30×30, Fortier dances a solo outdoors for 30 minutes every day for 30 days. This time he will present a solo and a group piece, but he won’t be dancing in either. He sticks to the role of the choreographer, so we can expect his choreographic style to be even more evident. Especially in Box, he will be working with Japanese dancers for the first time. It should be very interesting. (Tatsuro Ishii, Dance Critic)

Paul-André Fortier

A former member of Nouvelle Aire, working with Édouard Lock, Ginette Laurin and other renowned dance artists in the 1970s, Paul-Andre Fortier has made an immense contribution to contemporary dance in Quebec over the past 30 years as a pioneering creator, performer and teacher. To now he has created a total of nearly fifty choreographies, solos, group works and site specific pieces. In 2010, he was appointed Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French government. In 2012, he received the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award and an appointment to the Order of Canada as Officer. Fortier came to Japan for the first time in 2004 to present Tensions at Dance Biennale Tokyo. He showed Solo 30×30 and Solo 1×60 at the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media in 2006. This will be his first visit to Japan in eight years.

Manuel Roque

After studying theatre and circus with Montreal’s National Circus School, Manuel worked for a time with Cirque Eloïze, then transitioned to dance. With a passion for diversity, he has explored a variety of dance worlds, from playful (Hélène Langevin), to more formal (Dominique Porte, Sylvain Émard, Paul-André Fortier) to theatrical (Peter James). He then spent three years dancing full time with Compagnie Marie Chouinard, where he also took part in creating Orphée et Eurydice. In May 2011, he performed the male solo in Les Feux dans la Nuit, choreographed by Marie Chouinard. In addition to his dance career, he has also choreographed a few works of his own (Brendon et Brenda, 2002; Ô mon bateau, 2004; RAW-me, 2010). In 2013, he founded Compagnie Manuel Roque to pursue his creative endeavours, including the In Situ project, which was performed at Montreal’s Place des Arts in January and March 2014.

Performances by university students

On weekends and holidays during the festival, university students learning dance will perform their choreographies.


9.13 sat 16:30~ Musashino Art University

Choreography: Pygmalion effect
Dancers: Akari Iijima, Shinpei Sugino, Funo Komiyama, Teiyu Kondo, Kouhei Fukuda, Yuki Oshiro, Chiharu Shimura, Kana Sakatou, Shunsuke Kamiya
A group of typical art students from this university has been specially formed for this occasion to create a dance performance reflecting the free, positive atmosphere of their campus life.

9.14 sun 16:30~ Tama Art University

Script:Unagi Iizuka
Choreography: Nagano Yuriko
Dacers: Megumi Abe, Natsumi Arikawa, Unagi Iizuka, Waki Imaizumi, Chisaki Okado, Kaoruko Oyama, Hiroaki Kokubu, Sachika Shimano, Rune Takahashi, Yuriko Nagano, Ken Hirayama, Chihiro Wada
Sound: Hajime Suzuki
Lighting: Taira Hikari
Costumes: Ichiko Funai (fifi)
Music: Yu Arai
Props: Mai Kurahashi
Video: Tomoyo Takahata
Twelve students, mainly from the Department of Scenography Design, Drama and Dance, but studying a number of disciplines, from acting and directing to script writing, set design, lighting and costumes, have gotten together for some undetermined reason. Why, where, for what, they question. This is yet another group formed to speculate on the nature of the group.

9.15 mon 16:30~ Nihon University volunteers
Die Tokyo Dance Crew『We Will Dance the Best We Can, So, Be  Nice to Us -ganbatte odorimasunode yoroshikuonegaishimasu-』
Von・no’s『As a mark of respect for AOYAMA』

Choreography: Kenji Shinohe (Die Tokyo Dance Crew), Yuuki Kamimura & Kae Kubo (Von・no’s)
Dancers: Raiu Ishizaka, Kenji Shinohe, Yasutaka Totsuka, Kei Watarai, Keita Orihara (Die Tokyo Dance Crew) / Nana Endo, Sae Onishi, Misa Omori, Yuuki Kamimura, Hina Kawabata, Kae Kubo, Yuki Kurusu, (Nao Kodama, Kanna Suzuki, Kozue Takamiya, Yuiko Terasaki, Mizuki Nakamura, Hikari Harada, Mao Mita, Yuka Miyamoto, Rina Yanagawa (Von・no’s)
Management:Ami Hiraoka(Die Tokyo Dance Crew)
Die Tokyo Dance Crew
A “destructive” dance company founded by Kenji Shinohe and his friends. The dancers suddenly appear on the street, dance, die and disappear. Their aggressive and lively performances shock onlookers. “We dance and die right now!”

The unit consisting of Yuki Kamimura and Kae Kubo was formed when the two graduated from the Nihon University College of Art in March 2014. This piece is performed by students of their alma mater.

9.20 sat 16:30~ J.F.Oberlin University, College of Performing and Visual Arts, Theater and Dance Program “Team 2014”

Choreography: Kuniko Kisanuki
Dancers: Maki Iizuka, Nana Kobayashi, Kana Sakamoto, Emi Shimura, Reisa Shimojima, Reina Sumi, Akane Watanabe, Yumi Ueno, Rina Sasaki, Mayou Sasahara, Ribeka Shibata, Ayu Jin, Yuki Nakamura, Ayane Okazaki, Aoi Shimada, Kyoko Suetsugu, Natsumi Takasugi, Seina Tenman, Haruko Hasegawa, Yui Hamaguchi, Tsukushi Makino, Yui Kato, Akari Nabetani, Shiho Yamaguchi, Marin Yamada, Taiki Iwamato, Wataru Itaya, Yuto Ito, Rei Suzuki, Takahiko Seto, Satoshi Chiba, Kenshi Toyoda, Yoshitata Yamato, Shawn K. Farrell Stage Direction: Genta Saito
Lighting: Sora Tsuiji
Sound Direction: Kazuha Uehara
Costumes: Yuri Suzuki
Management: Marie Azuma, Yuri Hayashi
Assistant: Akane Kigoro, Tsukushi Fujiwara
From freshmen to seniors, this course mixes students who aspire to become dancers, actors and technicians, studying all aspects of performing arts while enjoying their college life. Adapted for the outdoor pilings space of the Children’s Castle, the performance Himawari is an excerpt from The Enigmatic Indian Summer, a full-length piece the Team 2014 is now in the process of creating and that is scheduled to premiere this October (from 4 to 11) at the university’s Prunus Hall.

9.21 sun 16:30~ Tamagawa University
『Pin-Gr-W ~Dance New Air 2014 version~』

Direction and Choreography: Tatsuya Kusuhara
Choreography and Performance: Hiromu Uchida, Kazumi Ogawa, Mayu Yamazaki, Julie Yukika Bottemer, Satoshi Kato, Mai Sota, Hironobu Taira, Moe Takano, Anna Hayashi, Tomoki Miyaji
Lighting Design: Fuyuki Nogi
Sound Design: Hiromi Kato
Assistant Director: Ayumi Hamaoka
Assistant Stage Manager: Chiemi Mizuguchi
Created by students of the Department of Performing Arts, and specially adapted for Dance New Air’s Outdoor Program from the performance they showed at Aoyama Round Theatre in June this year, this is a dance theater/theatrical dance interpretation of Michael Ende’s Momo or the strange story of the time-thieves and the child who brought the stolen time back to the people.

Creation note:
Carve, plaza, friends, eyes, a gap in the heart
Sway, materialism, road, light, silence
Separation, Okay! determination, smile

9.22 mon 16:30~ Modern Dance Club, Daito Bunka University
『Thinking Time』

Choreography:Teruyo Mawatari
Dancers: Shoutarou Yamaguchi, Wakana Shibata, Hiromi Shiki, Sataru Tamura, Kentarou Miura, Fumie Koike, Sae Arakawa, Mai Kubota, Marina Nemoto, Mika Ogawa, Tokio Uchida, Takashi Kanai, Kenta Tanida, Mayu Saitou, Nene Sakurai, Haruka Takeuchi, Yuuka Tanaka, Mayu Hyoudou, Rina Morita, Tomoko Yoshida, Satoru Shimano, Rei Honda
The club members gather in the Dance Room for practice four times a week (Tue., Thu., Fri. and Sat.). The club participates annually in the All Japan Dance Festival-KOBE in August, Artistic Movement in Toyama in September, a self-produced public presentation in October, and the University’s Culture Festival in November.

9.23 tue 16:30~ Dance and Dance Education, Dept. Performing Arts, Ochanomizu University
『Inspired by Charles Chaplin’s Speech』

Choreography: Yukio Suzuki
Dancers: Satomi Ohkuma, Hitomi Ogie, Satomi Shirakawa, Misaki Hidaka, Misato Shimizu, Rina Sugimura, Emi Iijima, Makoto Ito, Hirona Kai, Hazuki Kotani, Yumeno Tsuyuki, Midori Miura, Riko Mizushima
In this course, students study the theory and practice of dance, create works and produce public performances. This time, veteran choreographer Yukio Suzuki’s choreography is performed by 13 students, ranging from sophomore undergraduates to second year Master’s students.
Dept. Performing Arts, Ochanomizu University

9.27 sat 16:45~ Dance Producing Society, Japan Women’s College of Physical Education
『Fête de la Danse』

Choreography: Dance Producing Society, Mikiko Kawamura

Dancers: Saki Aonuma, Mai Akiyama, Chiemi Amano, Fuko Ikegami, Ami Ishikawa, Ena Ishikawa, Miuka Ishimaru, Kaho Ueda, Anna Uehara, Mariko Uchida, Naoko Okayasu, Natsuho Kakei, Nanako Kase, Mariko Kanai, Misaki Kanaura, Atsuyo Kanamori, Kanae Kamegashira, Nene Kikuchi, Aki Kuriyama, Mizuki Kori, Rina Kobayashi, Rinko Kobayashi, Kaho Gotou, Mei Sasaki, Yukie Satou, Riho Shimanouchi, Asuka Shimogiri, Ayaka Shimomura, Yuriko Sugawara, Riko Sugawara, Yuka Suda, Fumika Sunagawa, Riko Sekine, Moena Takagi, Ayari Takeda, Mizuki Tazawa, Akari Tajima, Sakiko Tanaka, Haruka Tabata, Haruka Tabana, Yuka Tayama, Hikaru Tsunoda, Yuri Terao, Shiori Nakajima, Yuki Nakajima, Haruka Nakanishi, Moe Nakanowatari, Takara Nakamura, Yuki Nakamura, Akiho Nakayama, Rie Nagai, Erena Nagaoka, Rea Nagatsuka, Yui Nomoto, Naoka Hihara, Misako Fukusawa, Minori Fujiwara, Natsumi Matsuo, Miu Matsumoto, Yuki Miyawaki, Yuna Yasuno, Kei Yoshida
Established in 2003, the group resolves to lead the next generation of contemporary dance, exploring and examining new movements and tendencies of the genre by creating its own dance pieces and producing public performances regularly as well as organizing dance workshops with teachers from both Japan and overseas. Members learn about lighting, sound and production management. The group also values inter-college and community-based activities through dance.

9.28 sun 16:45~ Nippon Sport Science University Dance Club
『NITTAI Dance Omnibus』

Choreography: Nippon Sport Science University Dance Club
Direction: Ritsuko Kasai, Hiroko Tsuda, Wakana Nakama, Mao Arata
Dancers: Ayaka Asoshina, Haruka Shimada, Maki Shimizu, Rie Tsukiji, Tsutomu Yamazaki, Yumie Yoda Sae Kitano, Miyuki Kozato, Yuko Goto, Yukie Suwa, Keisuke Nishiyama, Asahi Maruyama, Fuka Yasuda, Minori Wakabayashi, Miya Ichinose, Chihiro Ogawa, Yuji Saito, Saki Shimizu, Mariko Takahashi, Marina Tanaka, Chihiro Toyoda, Hikari Meguro, Hiroto Yoshitome, Miho Akabane, Maya Ichinose, Kiyo Kokaji, Yuka Suga, Miku Hoshino, Minami Maeda, Arisa Yoshihashi
Please note that the performance times have been changed.

Keen on spreading its international network, the Club has toured Germany, Cuba and the US to introduce Japanese traditional performing arts (Japanese traditional dance, taiko drums and Ryukyu dance) while organizing self-produced and choreographed dance performances every year as well as participating in the All Japan Dance Festival Kobe and other competitions.

10.4 sat 16:30~ University of Tsukuba Dance Club
『Passage of time』

Choreography: Rei Yashiro, Mar iAsai, Momoko Nagata, Reina Tomomura
Dancers: Mari Asai, Yumika Azegami, Emi Amano, Maaya Egami, Ruri Suganuma, Zyun Suzuki, Reina Tomomura, Arisa Nakamura, Momoko Nagata, Airi Nomura, Akira Hiura, Kouhei Fujimura, Honoka Minami, Kanami Miyoshi, Rei Yashiro, Saki Yoshimura, Isabela Silveira
Please note that the performance times have been changed.

Since the former Tokyo University of Education Dance Club was established in 1955, it has changed its name twice, to the University of Tsukuba Creative Dance Club in 1977, then to the current University of Tsukuba Dance Club in 1988. Celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, the club is proud of its distinguished history, as it has received the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award at the All Japan Dance Festival – KOBE more than any other group. The club has been the home of many now professional dancers and choreographers working both in Japan and abroad as well as educators who are the leaders in dance education in Japan.