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<Project Pinwheel>

Esther Balfe『VOID』
Young Doo Jung『Retaliation』
Shigemi Kitamura『land snail’s garden』

9.18 thu Pre Talk18:30 Performance19:00 After Talk20:30託児
9.19 fri Pre Talk18:30 Performance19:00 After Talk20:30託児
Duration: about 120min

Aoyama Round Theatre

Choreography and Performance: Esther Balfe, Young Doo Jung, Shigemi Kitamura
Director: Kanako Sako
Co-Organizers: fifoo- Bühnenkunstverein, The NPO Arts Network Japan
Subsidies: The Saison Foundation
World Premier: September, 2014 Wien, Austria

Master class 9.15 mon 13:30〜20:30(¥5,000 / Reservation required)
Lecturers: Esther Balfe, Young Doo Jung, Shigemi Kitamura 託児
Conceived and based in Vienna, Austria, Project Pinwheel aims to explore the idea of “family” through dance and the life of the dancers. Participating in the project this time are: Esther Balfe, a guest dancer for the Forsythe Company; Young Doo Jung who constantly takes up new challenges while hopping back and forth between Japan and Korea; and Shigemi Kitamura, the powerful leader of the dance scene in the Kansai region. All three of them have a family and are highly acclaimed as established dancers/choreographers as well as educators. In addition to their solo performances on the theme of the “family”, the project also features each of the three artists talking about his/her own family and kids, reminding us that every family has its own unique, personal story. (Atsuko Hisano, Program Director, The Saison Foundation)

Director: Kanako Sako (fifoo)
Technical Director: Felix Huber
Lighting: Svetlana Schwin
Sound, Subtitle: Christoph Mateka
Main Visual, Assistant Coordinator: Maiko Sakurai Karner (fifoo)
Translator, Interpreter: Chiemi Fukumori
Web-site: Takaki Sudo
PR Cooperation: Maya Matsuoka, Mio Hayashi
Documentary Film: Silvio Lenglachner
Production Coordinator: Hanabi Takemiya
Project Coordination: Hirotomo Kojima (The NPO Arts Network Japan)

Co-Organizers:fifoo – Bühnenkunstverein, The NPO Arts Network Japan
Subsidy: The Saison Foundation
Supporters:Palais Kabelwerk, salon emmer, Tanzquartier Wien
Project Pinwheel  

Esther Balfe

Born in England and having studied ballet at London Royal Academy, Esther Balfe began working as a professional dancer at various theaters around Europe at 18. She joined the Forsythe Company in 2007. She has earned the trust of William Forsythe, and continues dancing as guest member of the company now that she is independent. Currently teaches at Vienna Conservatory.

Young Doo Jung

Born in South Korea. Having acted for a while, Young Doo Jung shifted to dance in his 20s. His works have been performed by the Korea National Contemporary Dance Company and presented at major theaters in Korea. In recent years he has been gaining presence in Japan, working with Takayuki Fujimoto (dumb type), Gen Kori (dots) and other Japanese artists. He also joined JCDN’s international collaboration project. While running his own Doo Dance Theater, Jung currently teaches as a specially appointed Associate Professor at the Rikkyo University Department of Body Expression and Cinematic Arts.

Shigemi Kitamura

Based in the Kansai Region, Shigemi Kitamura’s works, vigorously physical but a lot of fun at the same time, are filled with laughter, melancholy and explosive energy that powerfully engage the audience. She also does projects outside of the theater, such as “Dance Marathon” and “Dance at Home”. Aiming at introducing different ways to enjoy dance, Kitamura gives workshops and jointly creates works with the general public in communities around the country.