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Dance Workshop Venue:studio ARCHITANZ

Toun-bldg. 4F, 1-13-10 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0023 ACCESS

Dance New Air 2016 will holds two dance workshops. The details are below.


Workshop on the Dance Film “Mr. GAGA”

 Oct 2 (sun) 15:45〜17:30 GAGA+Introductory Contemporary Dance
 OCt 9 (sun) 15:45〜17:30 GAGA+Beginner Contemporary Dance

 Workshop led by Kana Ote
 Fee:2,500yen / Appropriate for over age 16 / Class level: not particular
 No reservation necessary. Please come to studio ARCHITANZ directly 30 minutes before the class starts.

The GAGA Workshop is tied to the screening of “Mr. GAGA” in Dance Film Program A. It will be special edition of the ordinary class held every Sunday at the studio ARCHITANZ, which will also be the venue.
In addition, GAGA raises awareness of offers physical weaknesses, exposes numb areas and physical fixations, and resolves them. It enhances instinctive motions, and links conscious and subconscious movement. In GAGA, dancers overlay images and interweave motions while feeling the others in the group.




Kana Ote

Kana Ote


Dance Workshop Led by Visiting Artists

 Oct 10 (mon/holiday) 10:00〜11:55

This workshop will be led by dancers from the Spellbound Contemporary Ballet, a company based in Rome, Italy, who are appearing in “La Mode,” the piece directed by Tomoko Mukaiyama. It is a golden opportunity to meet these dancers, who are making their first visit to Japan, and experience the boundless possibilities of dance.
Spellbound Company members will teach a master class of contemporary ballet in which students will be exposed to explore different patterns and dynamics, and will be challenged to push to the edge of their technical skills. Mauro Astolfi’s technique is unique in its search for fluidity while empowering ballet technique.

 Workshop led by Giuliana Mele, Giacomo Todeschi (Spellbound Contemporary Ballet)
 Fee:3,500yen / Capacity: 20people / Class level: Beginner (Dance experience over 3 years)
 Reservation is required in advance through email with the details below. First come, first serve basis.

 Email to |
 ①Full Name
 ②Mobile Phone
 ③e-mail address
 *attention: Please directly make a payment to studio ARCHITANZ on the day of workshop.
 Since the room is limited, we appreciate not to cancel your attendance.
 In case of cancelling, please contact the studio ARCHITANZ by Oct. 6 directly.
 There will be a full cancellation charge after the date.


Following her training in Puglia studying modern and ballet with Mauro Astolfi, Dmitri Chabardin, Cristina Amodio, Vittorio di Rocco, Eugenio Buratti, Philipe Lesdema, Carole Pastorel, Dominique Lesdema, Emilio Calcagno, Roberto Sartori, Terry Beeman, Marco Cantalupo, Lucia Geppi, Bradley Shelver, Wes Veldink, Emanuele Soavi, Alex Ketley, Mara Galeazzi, Shirley Esseboom, Gael Domenger, Gustavo Sansano, Yuval Pick. She performed for the Kitonb Extreme Theatre Company in the production of “Carillon’’ which toured China, Romania and Portugal in 2008 (Festival Internazionale delle Arti della Castiglia e Leon – Salamanca,il Sziget Festival Budapest ,il International Street Theater Festival “B.Fit in the Street” Bucarest, Taiwan International Festival of Arts, Festival Dos Oceanos Lisbona , Celestial Urban Opera Bilbao). Since November 2009, she has been performing in Spellbound.


In 2003, he starts artistic gymnastics, that will put him to dance .Trained in Italy under several teachers in classical and contemporary dance, in 2005 he is one of the few selected dancers for taking part to the summer intensive training at the Princesse Grace directed by Marika Besobrasova, in Montecarlo. He joined Spellbound Contemporary Ballet in October 2009 being on tour with the company in the most acclaimed festivals all around the world. A talented and expressive performer, he later became assistant to choreographer Mauro Astolfi and he tours with the company as the lead performer, teaching Spellbound repertoire in Rome and all around the world . In 2010 he also contributes to the choreographic creation of the “Nigeria’s 50th Indipendance Anniversary” event in Abuja. Since 2012, he has taught contemporary dance and the Spellbound repertoire at the Dance Arts Faculty in Rome. In 2014 he dances for Daniel Ezralow in his work “Open” and the project” Zwischewelten” directed by Maria Terpugova in Berlin. In 2015 he left Spellbound to play as freelance dancer in Europe and worked with “La Veronal” directed by spanish choreographer Marcos Morau for one year Touring all over Europe. In 2016 he joined back Spellbound in Italy.