Dance Triennale Tokyo 2012


South Korea

South Korea


Choi Jin-han

title『I want you to be happy』 (2011)
date&hour 10.9 tue 19:00
      10.10 wed 19:00
venue Spiral Hall
Choi Jin-han
Choi Jin-han, known from the film “I want to make you happy”, dances. No matter how hard you call, or how hard he tries to please, can it possibly shorten the distance between performer and audience? Just because I make you laugh, does that mean we really connect with one another? S/he keeps dancing and asking, mixing happiness, pleasure, sadness, and anger. The tone of the piano, the live sound of the haegeum accompany Choi’s emotions. Originally known as a distinguished dancer and choreographer, this is one of Choi’s most acclaimed works. (Atsuko Hisano, Program Director, The Saison Foundation)

Graduated from the Dance Department and the Graduate School of Arts at Hansung University (major in choreography). He has worked as a dancer and also a choreographer in many dance groups and projects both in South Korea and overseas. He has won numerous awards including: the Rookie of the Year at the 20th Dance Concours organized by the Modern Dance Association of Korea in 2000; and the Seoul International Choreography Festival 2011, Solo & Duet Section, Jury Prize for <I want you to be happy> in 2011, among many others. His work pursues active communication with the audience. He starts with the statement that perfect communication among human beings can never exist. However, during the performance, he continuously throws questions on true communication and tries to narrow the gap between the audience and himself.

Choreography : Choi Jin-han

Lighting Design : Kim Chol-hee

Performers : Choi Jin-han, Park Eun-mi

Live music : KIM Joo-ri (Haegum, traditional Korean instrument)