Dance Triennale Tokyo 2012


Yasmeen Godder

title『LOVE FIRE』 (2009)
date&hour 10.5 fri 21:00
      10.6 sat 15:00 Babysitting Service
      10.7 sun 15:00
venue Spiral Hall
Yasmeen Godder
9.29 sat, 10.30 sun 21st  Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
10.12 fri SIDance(Seoul)




Japan-Israel 60 years

Love. And fire. A waltz, the old, the new, from east, from west. The dancers’ movements, their expressions, twisting unpredictably around and again, in turn funny and frightening. And then the shocking dénouement.
Yasmeen is known for having overwhelmed dance lovers in Japan with her talent for reaching uncompromisingly into humanity’s depths. Her style questions and distills the very existence of dancers to an extreme degree, it is often topical, focusing on their political nature. Simultaneously, it deals with universal themes such as our hunger for love, or the heartache of hurting others through our very existence. This presentation is one of the more classic of the latter. (Takao Norikoshi, Dance Critic)

Born in Jerusalem, Yasmeen Godder migrated with her parents to New York in 1984. She currently lives in Jaffa, Israel since 1999. She has created many works including <Strawberry Cream and Gunpowder> (2004) and <Singular Sensation> (2008) among others, and was awarded to Bessie Award in New York, Israel’s Ministry of Cultural Affairs’ Choreographers Award and the Best Small Ensemble Award. Many works have been presented and commissioned by theaters and festivals both in Israel and around the world including New York, Berlin, London, Montpellier, Brussels, and Sydney. In 2007 she established her own Yasmeen Godder Studio.

Choreography : Yasmeen Godder
Co-Artistic director and Dramaturgy : Itzik Giuli
Creating Performers : Yasmeen Godder, Eran Shanny
Performing Dancers : Yasmeen Godder, Matan Zamir
Guest Performer and Live Fluorescent Installation : Yochai Matos

Music : Johann Strauss – The Blue Danube; Jean Sibelius – La valse triste;
Dimitri Shostakovitch- Valse n°2 ;
Arnold Schoenberg- Valse de Chopin from Pierrot Lunaire, Op. 21;
Frederic Chopin-Opus 70 in G-flat major;
Pyotr Tchaikovsky- Valse Sentimentale;
Aram Khachaturian- Waltz from Masquerade Suite.

Costumes and Props : Inbal Lieblich, Eran Shanny, Yasmeen Godder
Light Designer and Technical Director : Uri Rubinstein
Sound editing and design : Eyal Shindler
Sound Engineer : Oren Cohen

Administration and International Touring : Guy Hugler

World Premiere : Suzanne Dellal Center, “Curtain Up Festival 2009”, November 2009.
European Premiere : Théâtre de la Place, Liege, Belgium, February 2-3, 2010.
German Premiere : Hebbel am Ufer Theater, Berlin, May 19-21, 2010.

Love Fire is a co-production of :
Curtain Up Festival 2009,
Théâtre de la Place, Liege, Belgium,
Hebbel am Ufer Theater, Berlin, Germany

The first part of the creation was commissioned by Les Subsistances , Laboratoire de création artistique ,Lyon, France and Kunstfest Weimar GmbH, Weimar, Germany.